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May 1, 2004
Host:Lindsay Lohan
Musical Guest:Usher
Episode Number:29.18  (# 563)
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Cold OpeningPreparation 
CommercialTurlington's Lower Back Tattoo Remover 
SketchJarret's Room 
SketchHogwarts Academy 
SketchRiding With Billy Joel
A mailbox thrown at the car windshield does not bounce off as planned and stays on the hood. Horatio Sanz quickly reaches out of the driver's side window and knocks it off with a wine bottle.
Musical Performance"Yeah" 
Weekend Update 
A random audience member shouts to Jimmy Fallon and interrupts his delivery of a joke. Jimmy ad-libs "I hate when my father gets drunk." Later on, he makes reference to the shouter during Horatio Sanz's commentary.
SketchDebbie Downer 
ShowClub Traxx 
This sketch originally appeared at the 04.10.2004 dress rehearsal, in which Janet Jackson portrayed Lindsay Lohan's role.
Musical Performance"Burn" 
Show17th Annual Adult Movie Awards