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February 21, 2004
Host:Christina Aguilera
Musical Guest:Maroon 5
Episode Number:29.13  (# 558)
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Cold OpeningHardball 
ShowSex and the City 
GameshowDo You Know Who My Father Is? 
CartoonFun With Real Audio 
ShowCelebration of Women Week
The opening title sequence of this sketch features short clips of both the Thomas Jefferson sketch from the 12.07.2002 episode and the Colonel Angus sketch from the 02.22.2003 episode.
Musical Performance"This Love" 
Weekend Update  
SketchYou Got Served 
SketchDressing Room 
ShowBesos Y Lagrimas 
CommercialHuggies Thong 
SketchFiring Sandy 
Musical Performance"Harder to Breathe" 
SketchDon's Apothecary