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October 4, 2003
Host:Jack Black
Musical Guest:John Mayer
Cameos:Will Ferrell
Kyle Gass
Episode Number:29.1  (# 546)
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Cold OpeningCalifornians For Schwarzenegger 
CommercialHuggies Thong 
CommercialQueer Eye for the Straight Gal 
ShowThe Wade Robson Project 
SketchCooking Class 
CartoonYankee Super-Heroes 
Musical Performance"Bigger Than My Body"
Jack Black accidentally mispronounces John Mayer's name and introduces him as "John Meyer". This is fixed in reruns.
Weekend Update  
SketchCat's in the Cradle 
Musical Performance"Clarity" 
SketchWine Tasting 
Musical SketchTelemarketers