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April 13, 2002
Host:The Rock
Musical Guest:Andrew W.K.
Episode Number:27.17  (# 522)  Info...
In reruns, this episode contains a short tribute to the recently deceased former director Dave Wilson.
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Cold OpeningPresidential Address 
ShowBrian Fellow's Safari Planet 
SketchThe Scorpion Prince
The Rock ad-libs after he accidentally mispronounces the word "tomb".
CommercialArthur Andersen 
MiscellaneousDrunk Girls 
Musical SketchOn The Subway 
SketchShe's The Girl With No Gaydar!!! 
Weekend Update  
Musical Performance"Party Hard" 
CommercialAll Aboard The Freedom Train: The Duets of Neil Diamond and Bigfoot 
ShowAmerica Undercover 
Musical Performance"I Get Wet" 
MiscellaneousA Message From Saturday Night Live
This sketch was cut off early due to the show running long, but it is lengthened in reruns.