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January 12, 2002
Host:Josh Hartnett
Musical Guest:Pink
Episode Number:27.10  (# 515)
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Cold OpeningBuddy's Memorial Service 
ShowWake Up Wakefield! 
CommercialHello Stepson, Now Let's Go To Bed: I Went To Bed With My Stepson: The Lara Bengal Covington Story 
CartoonThe X-Presidents 
ShowShout Out!! Show 
Musical Performance"Get The Party Started" 
Weekend Update  
ShowHBO First Look 
SketchHoliday Travel 
MiscellaneousMy Best List for 2001 
Musical Performance"Don't Let Me Get Me" 
ShowThe Playboy Channel
Burqa Baddies
This sketch originally appeared at the 12.15.2001 dress rehearsal.