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February 24, 2001
Host:Katie Holmes
Musical Guest:Dave Matthews Band
Cameo:Junior Brown
Episode Number:26.13  (# 498)
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Cold OpeningThe Clinton Gang 
One of the shoulder straps on the black dress that Katie Holmes is wearing (which is removed later for a dance number) comes undone early into her monologue, and she has to hold it up for several minutes. Later, as she's sitting on the end of the stage putting on her tap shoes, a stagehand enters quickly and pins it back together.
ShowDawson's Creek 
SketchKXLA Special Report 
CartoonBackstreet Boys 
Musical Performance"I Did It" 
Weekend Update 
At the beginning of this WU, a flatscreen monitor descends from the ceiling behind Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey for no purpose, and then quickly rises back up.
SketchJarret's Room 
SketchTough As Nails 
Musical Performance"The Space Between" 
SketchPassive-Aggressive Pam 
SketchSingles Cruise