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January 13, 2001
Host:Charlie Sheen
Musical Guest:Nelly Furtado
Cameo:Pamelia Kurstin
Episode Number:26.9  (# 494)
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Cold OpeningVice Presidential Address 
ShowIron Chef 
ShowEric Dickerson's NFL Pre Game Special 
SketchDr. King Assembly 
Weekend Update 
Ana Gasteyer begins a joke about Jimmy Fallon with "Cheech called", but it was actually written as "Screech called". Her Katherine Harris commentary is replaced with the dress rehearsal version in reruns, in which she correctly said "Screech".
Musical Performance"I'm Like A Bird" 
SketchSoap Opera Shoot 
SketchBig Baby 
SketchT.G.I. Friday's 
FilmA Short film by Adam McKay
The Pervert
SketchClassic Vaudeville
An audience member can be heard shouting very loudly into a microphone as this sketch goes to commercial. This is removed in reruns.