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November 11, 2000
Host:Calista Flockhart
Musical Guest:Ricky Martin
Cameo:Giovanni Hidalgo
Episode Number:26.5  (# 490)
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Cold OpeningThe Presidential Couple 
CommercialCracklin' Oat Flakes 
SketchGore Rally
During Calista Flockhart's introduction, an audience member can be heard saying "P.M.S.?" This is removed in reruns.
SketchNick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy 
MiscellaneousVice Presidential Address 
Musical Performance"She Bangs" 
Weekend Update 
Will Ferrell repeatedly has trouble saying "outsmart" during his angry speech as Janet Reno.
ShowThe Crocodile Hunter 
Musical Performance"Loaded" 
SketchLadies & Cocktails 
ShowCBS Sports