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April 15, 2000
Host:Tobey Maguire
Musical Guest:Sisqo
Cameo:Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
Filmed Cameo:Steve Buscemi
Episode Number:25.17  (# 482)
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Cold OpeningThe Studio 8H Rules 
SketchBurger Castle 
CartoonFun With Real Audio
Up Close With Geppetto
ShowInside the Actors Studio 
SketchTennis Lesson 
Weekend Update  
Musical Performance"The Thong Song"
Sisqo's wireless microphone begins to malfunction, and a new microphone is tossed to him quickly and almost unnoticeably. This is not seen in reruns.
SketchYoga Class 
FilmA Short film by Adam McKay
Stavenhagens Pawn Shop
SketchConvenience Store
This sketch originally appeared at the 04.08.2000 dress rehearsal.
CommercialWest Link