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October 3, 1998
Host:Kelsey Grammer
Musical Guest:Sheryl Crow
Special Guest:Shaquille O'Neal
Cameos:Christine Baranski
Hal Linden
Patti LuPone
Wendy Melvoin
Episode Number:24.2  (# 448)
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Cold OpeningBedtime at the White House 
CommercialKCF Shredders 
ShowThe Delicious Dish 
CommercialTerry Ferguson for Senate 
SketchBig Bernard 
CommercialTerry Ferguson for Senate 
SketchThinking About Burritos 
SketchWet 'em Down! 
CommercialThe Best of Horatio Sanz 
Weekend Update  
Musical Performance"My Favorite Mistake" 
SketchLondon Peepers 
ShowMorning Latte 
ShowHello Dolly 
ShowThe Lumberjack Classic
Kelsey Grammer accidentally calls Will Ferrell by his own character's name, and then corrects himself and briefly breaks character.