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April 19, 1997
Host:Pamela Lee
Musical Guest:Rollins Band
Cameo:Tommy Lee
Episode Number:22.18  (# 424)
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Cold OpeningPress Conference 
CommercialDarnette Disposable Toilets 
SketchThe Roxbury Guys 
SketchMovie Shoot 
CartoonThe Ambiguously Gay Duo
Safety Tips
Weekend Update 
In one of his "note to self" jokes, Norm MacDonald makes a reference to his accidental cursing on the previous episode.
Musical Performance"Starve" 
ShowHey, Remember The 80's 
ShowOprah's Book Club 
CommercialLarry King's News & Views 
CommercialThe First Annual Pamela Lee Invitational NASCAR Rally 
CommercialLarry King's News & Views 
SketchThe Twilight Zone 
SketchSense of Humor