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March 23, 1996
Host:Phil Hartman
Musical Guest:Gin Blossoms
Episode Number:21.16  (# 402)
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Cold OpeningDole Headquarters 
ShowLeg Up 
SketchActing Workshop 
SketchThe Roxbury Guys 
Weekend Update  
Musical Performance"Follow You Down" 
SketchYou're The Man
This sketch originally appeared at the 05.15.1993 dress rehearsal. Phil Hartman played the same role he does in this version, and Rob Schneider played Johnny.
MiscellaneousSpade in America 
SketchUnfrozen Cave Man Lawyer
As the sketch fades to a scene of Keyrock in bed with a hooker, Molly Shannon can be heard saying "I got the giggles."
Musical Performance"Memphis Time" 
MiscellaneousFuzzy Memories