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February 24, 1996
Host:Elle MacPherson
Musical Guest:Sting
Episode Number:21.14  (# 400)  Info...
Darrell Hammond imitated an absent Don Pardo during the opening montage.
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Cold OpeningHotel 
CommercialA.M. Ale 
SketchSwim Meet 
SketchRecording Session
This sketch is replaced with the dress rehearsal version in reruns. Also, one of the catchphrases Tim Meadows uses is "Morgan Fairchild, that's the ticket!", an obvious reference to Jon Lovitz' character Tommy Flanagan.
SketchFresh Face Modeling Contest 
Musical Performance"Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot" 
Weekend Update  
ShowRedenbacher Holiday Theatre 
Musical Performance"You Still Touch Me" 
MiscellaneousFuzzy Memories 
SketchMiss Manners 
MiscellaneousFuzzy Memories