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January 20, 1996
Host:Alec Baldwin
Musical Guest:Tori Amos
Episode Number:21.11  (# 397)
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Cold OpeningNightline 
CommercialMarshall Power Tools 
SketchChess Tournament 
ShowThe Joe Pesci Show
Jim Breuer accidentally says "Hey Joe, how you doin'?" to Alec Baldwin. After realizing his mistake, he ad-libs "I just called you Joe, huh?" This error is removed in reruns.
ShowLiterary Theatre 
Musical Performance"Caught A Lite Sneeze" 
Weekend Update  
SketchPublic Opinion 
MiscellaneousFuzzy Memories 
ShowAccidentally Shot By Hunters 
MiscellaneousBelated Season's Greetings 
Musical Performance"Hey Jupiter" 
SketchAirport Bar