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December 16, 1995
Host:Madeline Kahn
Musical Guest:Bush
Filmed Cameo:Sam Waterston
Episode Number:21.9  (# 395)
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Cold OpeningNBC's Christmas Salute To Our Bosnian Troops 
CommercialGangsta Bitch Barbie 
SketchBasketball Game 
CommercialJohn-John Mackey's Storm Tracker Accu-Cast 
SketchBird Claws 
ShowLeg Up 
Musical Performance"Comedown" 
Weekend Update  
SketchAntique Shop 
MiscellaneousFuzzy Memories 
MiscellaneousSpade in America 
Musical Performance"Glycerine" 
SketchWedding Vows 
MiscellaneousFuzzy Memories 
CommercialOld Glory Insurance