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April 15, 1995
Host:Courteney Cox
Musical Guest:Dave Matthews Band
Cameo:Bela Fleck
Episode Number:20.18  (# 384)
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Cold OpeningEl Orator De Motivacion 
ShowGood Morning Brooklyn 
Musical Performance"What Would You Say" 
Weekend Update  
SketchRide Home 
SketchHiring Manson 
SketchCompany Mixer
This sketch originally appeared at three previous dress rehearsals: 02.12.1994, 02.19.1994, and 03.12.1994. On 02.12.1994, Alec Baldwin portrayed Kevin Nealon's role. On 02.19.1994, Martin Lawrence portrayed Tim Meadows' role.
ShowReplacement Baseball 
SketchHis Muse Friday 
Musical Performance"Ants Marching" 
SketchMr. Cool