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February 18, 1995
Host:Deion Sanders
Musical Guest:Bon Jovi
Cameo:Manute Bol
Episode Number:20.13  (# 379)
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Cold OpeningSimpson Jury Field Trip 
SketchMajor League Players Association 
ShowThe 1995 ESPY Awards 
Musical Performance"Always" 
Weekend Update  
SketchJuggernaut Force
As Chris Farley races up the steps into the UFO, his pants fall to his ankles and his rear end is exposed on live television.
SketchRap Concert
This sketch originally appeared at the 02.19.1994 dress rehearsal.
Musical Performance"Someday I'll Be Saturday Night" 
SketchHot Dog for Jason 
Musical Performance"Must Be The Money", "It's On"