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December 10, 1994
Host:Alec Baldwin
Musical Guest:Beastie Boys
Cameos:Buddy Guy
Christian Slater
Episode Number:20.8  (# 374)
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Cold OpeningPress Conference 
CommercialLexon Paradox 
SketchParents Believe in Santa 
ShowL.A. Breast And Penis 
GameshowJapanese Gameshow 
Musical Performance"Sure Shot" 
Weekend Update  
SketchRookie Cop
Throughout this sketch, the timing of some of the cast members' fake vomit mechanisms is off, resulting in them "puking" out of their hand after they've lowered their arm.
ShowThe Young and The Youthful 
SketchBack Seat 
Musical Performance"Ricky's Theme", "Heart Attack Man" 
SketchBad Striptease 
SketchCelebrity Memorabilia Auction