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November 12, 1994
Host:Sarah Jessica Parker
Musical Guest:R.E.M.
Cameo:Bill Murray
Episode Number:20.5  (# 371)
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Cold OpeningDecision 94 
CommercialEterna Rest 
ShowGood Morning Brooklyn 
Musical SketchAlternating Guitarists 
Musical Performance"What's The Frequency, Kenneth?"
Michael Stipe sings "Don't fuck with me" with his back to the camera. The expletive is removed in reruns.
Weekend Update  
SketchFortune Cookie Factory 
ShowThe Casting Couch 
Musical Performance"Bang & Blame" 
Musical Performance"I Don't Sleep, I Dream" 
MiscellaneousMichael O'Donoghue Tribute 
Encore PresentationMr. Mike's Coral Waters Cafe