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November 13, 1993
Host:Rosie O'Donnell
Musical Guest:James Taylor
Cameos:Don Grolnick
Casey Kasem
Episode Number:19.6  (# 352)
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Cold OpeningThe Packwood Diaries 
MiscellaneousMexican Stereotype 
ShowDaily Affirmation 
MiscellaneousPhil Hartman's Real Views 
Musical Performance"Memphis", "Slap Leather" 
Weekend Update  
SketchWaiters Without A Pad
This sketch originally appeared at the 04.10.1993 dress rehearsal, where Jason Alexander and Julia Sweeney portrayed the patrons.
SketchThe Tomboy & The Sissy 
Musical Performance"Secret of Life" 
SketchMalibu Fires 
FilmSchiller's Reel
Will Work For Food