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December 5, 1992
Host:Tom Arnold
Musical Guest:Neil Young
Cameos:Roseanne Arnold
George Wendt
Filmed Cameo:Dick Butkus
Episode Number:18.8  (# 334)
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Cold OpeningWayne's World
In reruns, the #2 item on Wayne's Top Ten is edited out - in which a joke is made about Chelsea Clinton's appearance - following a complaint by Hillary Clinton. Mike Myers and Lorne Michaels later apologized for the joke.
ShowSex and Peer Pressure at Valley High 
Musical Performance"From Hank to Hendrix" 
Weekend Update 
Roseanne Arnold's commentary is replaced with the dress rehearsal version in reruns.
ShowBill Swerski's Super Fans 
Musical SketchDogs 
ShowTales From The Ambulance 
CommercialPorno Buyers' Service 
Musical Performance"Harvest Moon" 
SketchG.E.D. Class Reunion