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November 16, 1991
Host:Linda Hamilton
Musical Guest:Mariah Carey
Cameos:Edward Furlong
Martin Scorsese
Episode Number:17.6  (# 312)
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Cold OpeningCampaign '91 
CommercialLeevi's 3 Legged Jeans 
SketchToonces, The Cat Who Could Drive A Car
The Tooncinator
SketchIt's Pat
On the live show, Kevin Nealon's "Special Report" interruption is about the Louisiana governor's race. In reruns, it is about adults who have children being more likely to get sick.
SketchMassive Headwound Harry
The Cocktail Party
As a prank, a prop person laced Dana Carvey's fake headwound with liver baby food, causing a dog on the set to lick and tear at it when Dana lays down on the couch. He ad-libs "He probably smells my dog!"
Musical Performance"Can't Let Go" 
Weekend Update  
SketchTough Girls 
ShowThe Chris Farley Show 
Musical Performance"If It's Over" 
SketchBaby Talk 
FilmSchiller's Reel
Hidden Camera Commercials