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October 20, 1990
Host:George Steinbrenner
Musical Guest:The Time
Episode Number:16.3  (# 289)
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Cold OpeningDream 
SketchMiddle-Aged Man 
SketchCarl's Quik-Stop 
ShowSlapped By Beaver Tails 
CommercialWinston-McCauley Funeral Home 
Musical Performance"Jerk Out" 
Weekend Update  
SketchAttack Of The Colossal Killer Lincoln 
CommercialUltra Slim-Fast 
Musical Performance"Chocolate"
After being "served dinner", Morris Day exclaims "Where the fuck did this chicken come from? I thought I ordered ribs!" The expletive is muted in reruns.
ShowWhat Was I Thinking? 
SketchPaying For Dinner 
FilmSchiller's Reel
The Vision of Van Gogh