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The SNL Archives
May 12, 1990
Host:Andrew Dice Clay
Musical Guests:The Spanic Boys
Julee Cruise
Episode Number:15.19  (# 285)
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Cold OpeningGuardian Devil 
Andrew Dice Clay ad-libs and makes jokes in response to several loud hecklers in the audience. He also mentions that he is donating his SNL salary to Comic Relief, which was broadcasting the same night. Most of his monologue is replaced with the dress rehearsal version in reruns.
SketchDiceman Employment Agency 
MiscellaneousTV Guide Jeers 
ShowCooking with The Anal Retentive Chef 
Musical Performance"Keep On Walking" 
Weekend Update  
ShowDad, What's Sex?
Several taboo words are muted out in this sketch in a somewhat sloppy fashion. In reruns, many of the same words and more are strategically beeped out. When NBC aired this sketch in the "classic" timeslot, it was left completely uncensored.
SketchTalk Radio 
SketchCool Mite 
Musical Performance"Falling" 
SketchRidiculous Bull