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December 2, 1989
Host:John Goodman
Musical Guest:K.D. Lang & The Reclines
Episode Number:15.7  (# 273)
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Cold OpeningIt Used To Be A Wonderful Life 
A pre-taped segment in which John Goodman's wife is sitting alone in the audience fails to start, and after several seconds of silence, the monologue ends awkwardly. During the goodnights, John dangles a timepiece in an attempt to hypnotize the audience, saying "There was no technical screw-up!" Both the monologue and the goodnights are replaced with their dress rehearsal versions in reruns.
ShowWayne's World 
ShowCooking with The Anal Retentive Chef 
SketchToonces, The Cat Who Could Drive A Car
Musical Performance"Pullin' Back the Reins" 
Weekend Update  
ShowThe Mike Ditka Type-A Christmas Special 
ShowThe Referee Pitman Show 
Musical Performance"Johnny Get Angry"