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April 22, 1989
Host:Geena Davis
Musical Guest:John Mellencamp
Cameo:Lonnie Mack
Episode Number:14.18  (# 264)
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Cold OpeningPresidential Address 
ShowThe Bob Waltman Special 
SketchFrost White and the Seven L'il Men 
Musical Performance"Pop Singer" 
SketchThe Palmer Bunch 
Weekend Update 
The device that Dennis Miller uses to demonstrate nuclear fusion in water is actually a modified Mouse Trap board game which has been spray-painted silver. The device fails to perform on the first try, and Dennis ad-libs "Now this is a two-part process." After two more failed attempts, he ad-libs "Here comes the particle accelerator!" and manually pushes the ball to complete the process.
SketchSuspended Animation Chambers 
Musical Performance"Jackie Brown" 
SketchLast Man On Earth