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March 25, 1989
Host:Mary Tyler Moore
Musical Guest:Elvis Costello
Episode Number:14.15  (# 261)  Info...
Don Pardo is noticeably sick during the opening montage and the Weekend Update voiceover.
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Cold OpeningThe 61st Annual Academy Awards 
ShowThe Dan Quayle Show 
Musical Performance"Veronica"
Elvis Costello breaks several guitar strings during his performance.
Weekend Update 
Dennis Miller ad-libs "OK, where are we?", and then "At least you know it's live" following the bad timing of a few pictures used for an Oliver North joke.
SketchSweeney Sisters 
ShowRobot Repair 
CommercialLady Rhemington 
Musical Performance"Let Him Dangle" 
SketchRequiem For Death 
FilmSchiller's Reel
Broadway Story
ShowWayne's World