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December 17, 1988
Host:Melanie Griffith
Musical Guest:Little Feat
Cameo:Don Johnson
Episode Number:14.9  (# 255)
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Cold OpeningChristmas Eve 
CommercialFirst Guardian MetroCard 
ShowMiss Self-Esteem USA Pageant 
SketchCIA Christmas Party 
Musical Performance"Let It Roll" 
Weekend Update  
SketchSweeney Sisters 
FilmSchiller's Reel
Love is a Dream
When Jan Hooks drops the chapstick, it doesn't actually fall through the sewer grate as it's supposed to. When A. Whitney Brown enters, he quickly brushes it onto the grate so it falls through.
SketchMisreading Signals 
Musical Performance"Hate To Lose Your Lovin'" 
MiscellaneousSeason's Greetings