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March 28, 1987
Host:Charlton Heston
Musical Guest:Wynton Marsalis
Cameos:Don Braden
Bob Hurst
Marcus Roberts
Jeff Watts
Filmed Cameos:Danny Aiello
Julie Hagerty
John Mahoney
Anne Meara
Ben Stiller
Jerry Stiller
Nina Tremblay
Episode Number:12.15  (# 228)
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Cold OpeningOral Roberts University 
CommercialThe Fruiting 
SketchThe New Paper Chase 
ShowChurch Chat
Jan Hooks can be seen briefly on-camera applying her running mascara makeup. This is left unchanged in NBC reruns, but removed in all others.
Musical Performance"J Mood" 
CommercialThe President Has Mustard On His Chin 
Weekend Update  
SketchBrookfield Zoo Banquet 
CommercialThe Hustler Of Money 
SketchThe Slave Drivers 
Musical Performance"Juan (E. Mustaad)"