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December 20, 1986
Host:William Shatner
Musical Guest:Lone Justice
Special Guests:Buster Poindexter
Kevin Meaney
Filmed Cameo:Griffin Dunne
Episode Number:12.8  (# 221)
Titles Cast Host Musical Guest Special Guests Cameo Characters Impressions Full Summary Statistics
Cold OpeningBallad Of The Mute Marine 
Sketch16th Annual Star Trek Convention 
SketchChristmas Party 
ShowT.J. Hooker
Little Blue Riding Hood
Musical Performance"Shelter" 
Weekend Update  
SketchStar Trek V: The Restaurant Enterprise 
SketchLook At That! 
MiscellaneousChristmas Memories 
SketchIt's A Wonderful Life 
Musical Performance"I Found Love" 
FilmThe True Life Story Of Frankie Toussaint 
Musical Performance"Zat You, Santa?"