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November 15, 1986
Host:Sam Kinison
Musical Guest:Lou Reed
Episode Number:12.4  (# 217)
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Cold OpeningChurch Chat 
SketchParent-Teacher Conference 
SketchJungle Room 
SketchPet Chicken Shop 
Musical Performance"I Love You, Suzanne" 
Weekend Update 
At the beginning of this WU, Dennis Miller says "Never let them see you sweat." This is because the WU set was not completely assembled until moments before the camera was on him. Also, Victoria Jackson breaks character while narrating her video footage, and Dennis makes fun of her for it.
GameshowLove Connection 
SketchDancing Lord 
SketchKrypton Survives
The phone continues to ring after Sam Kinison picks up the receiver to answer it, prompting him to ad-lib "I answered the phone. Will you stop ringing it?"
Musical Performance"Original Wrapper"