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December 7, 1985
Host:John Lithgow
Musical Guest:Mr. Mister
Special Guest:Sam Kinison
Episode Number:11.4  (# 199)
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Cold OpeningHalley's Comet 
CommercialWhere You're Going 
SketchPosterior Arthropod 
SketchMaster Thespian 
CommercialDouble R Rolls 
Musical Performance"Broken Wings" 
CommercialAd Council 
Weekend Update  
SketchVegas Nancy 
Guest Performance 
This performance is replaced with the dress rehearsal version in reruns.
SketchU.S.S. Cameron
Randy Quaid has trouble with the door on the set because the carpet continually bunches up and blocks it.
Musical Performance"Kyrie" 
MiscellaneousIn Memoriam 
SketchThe Limits Of The Imagination