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December 15, 1984
Host:Eddie Murphy
Musical Guest:Robert Plant & The Honeydrippers
Episode Number:10.9  (# 187)
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Cold OpeningBuckwheat Lives! 
FilmWhite Like Me 
ShowMister Robinson's Neighborhood 
ShowLifestyles of The Relatives of The Rich and Famous 
SketchThe End of Buckwheat 
Musical Performance"Rockin' at Midnight" 
SketchLishman's Deli 
MiscellaneousBlack History Minute
The audience chuckles when Eddie Murphy messes up saying "soil", and he ad-libs "So I messed up, shut up!" After some applause, he says "Stop clappin' 'fore y'all make me smile!"
SketchClimbing The Stairs 
Saturday Night News  
Musical Performance"Santa Claus is Back in Town" 
MiscellaneousKilling Time