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October 15, 1983
Hosts:Danny DeVito
Rhea Perlman
Musical Guest:Eddy Grant
Cameo:Dick Cavett
Episode Number:9.2  (# 161)
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Cold OpeningCalvin Klein Cream Pies 
ShowMister Robinson's Neighborhood 
CommercialCrazy Edelman 
GameshowWhat Would Frank Do? 
SketchSmall World 
SketchOdyssey Of A Paperclip 
SketchSpanish Class 
Saturday Night News 
In the middle of her commentary as Dr. Ruth, Mary Gross realizes that her microphone is clipped too low on her shirt. After Brad Hall helps her adjust it, she ad-libs that it's as tiny as she is, and that it happened in the middle of a great joke.
Musical Performance"I Don't Wanna Dance", "Electric Avenue" 
SketchAutograph Hounds 
ShowBook Beat 
CommercialThe Amos 'n Andy Show 
ShowMasterpiece Humor 
SketchBody Guard 
Musical Performance"Living on the Front Line"