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February 6, 1982
Host:James Coburn
Musical Guests:Lindsey Buckingham
The Cholos
Cameo:Marc Weiner
Episode Number:7.11  (# 130)
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Cold OpeningThe President's Birthday 
Talent Entrance  
CommercialReach Out 
SketchI Married A Monkey 
ShowMister Robinson's Neighborhood 
CommercialJesus In Blue Jeans 
Musical Performance"Bwana" 
SketchCrazy Mary, Gay Jim 
SNL Newsbreak  
CommercialVictims of 60 Minutes 
SketchMagnificent Analyst 
Musical Performance"Trouble" 
CommercialThe Khaddaffi Look 
ShowUnique Perspectives 
SketchThose Crazy Taboosters 
Musical Performance"Don't Let It Show" 
Guest Performance