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February 21, 1981
Host:Charlene Tilton
Musical Guests:Todd Rundgren
Cameos:Don King
Marc Weiner
Episode Number:6.11  (# 117)  Info...
During the goodnights, when Charlene Tilton asks Charles Rocket about being shot, he says "I'd like to know who the fuck did it." This on-air curse eventually leads to Charles being fired.
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Cold OpeningSuper Fight 
CommercialGreatest Records Of All Time 
ShowMister Robinson's Neighborhood 
SketchPork Parade 
MiscellaneousRocket Report 
CommercialA Fiddler be on the Roof 
Musical Performance"Healer" 
Weekend Update  
SketchLincoln Bedroom 
CommercialThe Competition 
ShowSpeaking Out 
SketchWomen Behind Bars 
ShowSNL Sports 
CommercialSubmissive Sugar Daddies 
Musical Performance"Time Heals" 
ShowAfter Midnight 
Musical Performance"Party Up"