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February 7, 1981
Host:Sally Kellerman
Musical Guest:Jimmy Cliff
Cameos:Jim Fowler
Marc Weiner
Episode Number:6.9  (# 115)
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Cold OpeningCharts 
MiscellaneousRocket Report 
SketchItalian Stand-Up 
GameshowName That Sin 
FilmEye, Ear Nose & Throat 
ShowWas I Ever Red 
CommercialIranian Joke Book 
Musical Performance"I Am The Living" 
Weekend Update  
ShowParent & Child 
FilmA Day In The Life Of A Hostage 
SketchLean Acres 
Musical Performance"Gone Clear" 
SketchIranian Student Council 
FilmNew York 
SketchPillow Pets 
SketchTelevised Trial 
Musical Performance"Starting Over Again"