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December 22, 1979
Host:Ted Knight
Musical Guest:Desmond Child & Rouge
Special Guest:Andy Kaufman
Cameos:Diana Peckham
Buddy Rogers
Bob Zmuda
Filmed Cameo:Teri Garr
Episode Number:5.8  (# 94)
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Cold OpeningA Christmas Gift from the Shah and his Friends 
CommercialDiff'rent Storks 
SketchChudd Harassment Case 
MiscellaneousPolice PSA 
Musical Performance"Tumble in the Night" 
CommercialThe Tonight Show 
Weekend Update  
SketchNerds Nativity 
Guest Performance  
CommercialBob Hope's Christmas In Tehran 
CommercialSammy Seltzer Jr. 
FilmSchiller's Reel
Java Junkie
SketchChristmas Decorations 
CommercialIran: The Country And The Crisis 
Musical Performance"Goodbye Baby"