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The SNL Archives
April 23, 1977
Host:Eric Idle
Musical Guests:Alan Price
Neil Innes
Special Guest:Jeanette Charles
Episode Number:2.20  (# 44)
Titles Cast Host Musical Guests Special Guest Cameo Characters Impressions Full Summary Statistics
Cold OpeningInterrogation 
SketchSave Great Britain Telethon 
CommercialAmerican Dope Growers Union 
ShowThe Nixon Interviews 
Musical Performance"Poor People" 
FilmA Film by Gary Weis
Body Language
Weekend Update  
SketchHeavy Wit Championship 
Musical Performance"Cheese & Onions" 
SketchThe Battle of Britain 
Musical Performance"Shangri-La" 
ShowPlain Talk 
SketchTrans Eastern Airlines 
Musical Performance"In Times Like These" 
SketchSave Great Britain Telethon