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February 26, 1977
Host:Steve Martin
Musical Guest:The Kinks
Special Guest:Lily Tomlin
Filmed Cameo:Buster Holmes
Episode Number:2.14  (# 38)
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Cold OpeningBackstage 
SketchThe Coneheads At Home 
Musical Performance"Nur Wer Die Sehnsucht" 
ShowCelebrity Weightlifting 
Musical Performance  
Weekend Update  
CommercialDr. Breadloaf's Quick-Loss Diet Book 
MiscellaneousBroadway Baby 
FilmA Film by Gary Weis
New Orleans Soul Food Restaurant
GameshowHollywood Bingo 
FilmHome Movie
From The Big Orange To The Big Apple
SketchRoots II 
Musical Performance"Sleepwalker"