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November 27, 1976
Host:Jodie Foster
Musical Guest:Brian Wilson
Filmed Cameo:Chevy Chase
Episode Number:2.9  (# 33)
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Cold OpeningPhasing Gilda Out 
CommercialPilson's Feedbag Dinners 
SketchPeter Pan Bees 
Musical Performance"Back Home" 
CommercialPuberty Helper 
SketchMetal Detector 
Weekend Update  
MiscellaneousWhat Kinda Guy Watches Saturday Night? 
Musical Performance"Love is a Woman" 
MiscellaneousLittle Known Talents Of The Not Ready For Prime-Time Players 
SketchDon Pardo: The First 50 Years 
FilmA Film by Gary Weis
Kids' Dreams
MiscellaneousThe King Kong Dirge 
SketchWhite Like Me 
MiscellaneousMr. Mike's Least-Loved Bedtime Tales 
Musical Performance"Good Vibrations"