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September 18, 1976
Host:Lily Tomlin
Musical Guest:James Taylor
Special Guest:Jim Henson's Muppets
Cameos:David Sanborn
The Section
Filmed Cameo:Taylor Mead
Episode Number:2.1  (# 25)
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Cold OpeningEntourage 
ShowDebate '76
Because of improper padding, Chevy Chase injured his privates while performing the fall in this sketch during dress rehearsal. He continued to perform in this episode, but was hospitalized for the next two episodes, in which he only appeared via telephone.
Musical Performance"Shower the People" 
Weekend Update  
CommercialThe Phone Company 
SketchMuppet Morgue 
Musical Performance"Road Runner" 
Musical Performance"Sweet Baby James" 
FilmJudith Beasley 
ShowWomen in Literature 
FilmA Film by Gary Weis
Taylor Mead
Musical Performance"The Antler Dance"