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May 29, 1976
Host:Elliott Gould
Musical Guests:Leon Redbone
Harlan Collins
Joyce Everson
Cameo:Jonathan Dorn
Filmed Cameos:Wendell Craig
Charlie Lowe
Episode Number:1.22  (# 22)
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Cold OpeningWax Museum 
CommercialAcademy of Better Careers 
SketchCard Game 
CommercialNational Uvula Association 
Musical Performance"Shine On Harvest Moon" 
SketchThe Last Voyage Of The Starship Enterprise 
MiscellaneousMuppets Postcard 
Weekend Update  
SketchShirley Temple 
FilmA Film by Gary Weis
Uncle Charlie's School
SketchThe Honeymooners 
Musical Performance"Walking Stick" 
FilmShow Us Your Guns 
Musical Performance"Maybe That's The Way It Goes"