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February 28, 1976
Host:Jill Clayburgh
Musical Guest:Leon Redbone
Special Guests:Andy Kaufman
The Singing Idlers
Cameo:Jonathan Dorn
Filmed Cameo:Bill Wegman
Episode Number:1.15  (# 15)
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Cold OpeningChevy & Lorne 
SketchGreat Moments In Herstory 
SketchJill Carson, Guidance Counselor! 
Musical Performance"Ain't Misbehavin'" 
CommercialWhite Guilt Relief Fund 
SketchGreat Moments In Herstory 
Weekend Update  
CommercialH&L Brock 
Musical Performance"Semper Paratus", "Sea Cruise" 
CommercialCar Yummies 
MiscellaneousThe Milkman 
FilmA Film by Gary Weis
Guest Performance  
Musical Performance"Big Time Woman" 
SketchGreat Moments In Herstory 
FilmThe Mr. Bill Show 
CommercialGrable and Lombard