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January 10, 1976
Host:Elliott Gould
Musical Guest:Anne Murray
Special Guest:Jim Henson's Muppets
Cameo:Paula Kahn
Filmed Cameos:Albert Brooks
James L. Brooks
Clifford Einstein
Julie Payne
Episode Number:1.9  (# 9)
Titles Cast Host Musical Guest Special Guest Cameos Characters Impressions Full Summary Statistics
Cold OpeningThe Dead String Quartet 
CommercialTry-Hard 1-11 
SketchInterior Demolitionists 
SketchGodfather Therapy 
CommercialNew Shimmer 
FilmA Film by Gary Weis
Play Misty For Me
MiscellaneousGilda & Elliott 
Musical Performance"The Call" 
Weekend Update  
SketchThe Killer Bees 
FilmA Film by Albert Brooks
Audience Research
MiscellaneousGilda & Elliott 
SketchThe Land of Gorch 
Musical Performance"Blue Finger Lou" 
Guest Performance