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Q1: Is SNLMM a official Saturday Night Live(c) NBC(c) site?
A1: No, SNLMM is simply a fan site. SNLMM thanks NBC and other affiliates such as Comedy Central for airing such a excellent show!

[last updated : 2001-05-21]

Q2: How do I get tickets to SNL?
A2: NBC accepts ticket requests only by postcard in the month of August. You are limited to one postcard per person. Send your postcard with your info to :

NBC Studios
ATTN: Saturday Night Live Tickets
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York NY 10112

[last updated : 2001-05-21]

Q3: How can I brother, err I mean write my favorite SNL cast member?
A3: Drop them a line at :

[Cast Member Name]
c/o Saturday Night Live
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

[last updated : 2001-05-21]

Q4: How often is SNLMM updated with new content?
A4: Heh, that is a good question. Usually at least once a month, but somtimes, more frequently. Ideally SNLMM will get updated weekly.
[last updated : 2001-05-21]

Q5: Can you send me a email when you update SNLMM?
A5: You bet, fill out the info on the home page and you will receive a email with SNLMM news & updates!

[last updated : 2001-05-21]

Q6: Why do you use Realmedia to stream your files?
A6: Long story short? To save on bandwidth. Also this allows for streaming of videos. RealMedia is also cross platform capable, where as windows media may have issues with Linux and other operating systems. Yes, realmedia is not ideal, but its the best we can do on our budget.

[last updated : 2001-05-21]

Q7: You use to have DiVX downloads, but not anymore, what gives?
A7: Same reason why we use Realmedia, to save on bandwidth.

[last updated : 2001-05-21]

Q10: I really like SNL, and would like to contribute, how can I?
A10: SNLMM is only made possible via donations from its users. Please contribute here

[last updated : 2001-05-21]


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