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September 26, 2009
Host:Megan Fox
Musical Guest:U2
Filmed Cameo:Brian Austin Green
Episode Number:35.1  (# 659)
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Cold OpeningUnited Nations General Assembly 
SketchFlight Announcement 
SketchRussian Brides 
FilmSNL Digital Short
The Date
CommercialGrady Wilson's Burning Up the Bedsheets 
Musical Performance"Breathe" 
Weekend Update  
Commerciallive lounge 
Musical Performance"Moment Of Surrender" 
ShowBiker Chick Chat
Jenny Slate accidentally says "fuckin'" instead of "frickin'". The expletive is replaced with another "frickin'" in reruns.
FilmSNL Digital Short
Megan's Roomate
SketchYour Mom talks to Megan Fox While you get ready 
Musical Performance"Ultraviolet"