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February 14, 2009
Host:Alec Baldwin
Musical Guest:Jonas Brothers
Cameos:Dan Aykroyd
Alia Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin
Cameron Diaz
Jack McBrayer
Episode Number:34.16  (# 652)
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Cold OpeningRepublican Congressional Leadership Meeting
Alec Baldwin portrayed Dan Aykroyd's role in this sketch at dress rehearsal.
SketchThe Oldest Jonas 
ShowThe Cougar Den
The Jonas Brothers portrayed the women's boyfriends in this sketch at dress rehearsal.
FilmSNL Digital Short
Property of the Queen
CommercialSir Mix-a-Lot's Photo Shop 
Musical Performance"Tonight" 
Weekend Update  
ShowVincent Price's Valentine's Day Special 
Musical Performance"Video Girl" 
SketchWii Guys 
CommercialChewable Pampers 
CommercialVirgania Horsen's Hot Air Balloon Rides 
CommercialFirst Coughs: Mastering The Art Of Foreshadowing Your Character's Death