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March 15, 2008
Host:Jonah Hill
Musical Guest:Mariah Carey
Cameos:Tracy Morgan
Episode Number:33.8  (# 632)  Info...
Jonah Hill was originally scheduled to host the November 17, 2007 episode, but it was cancelled due to the writers' strike. Janet Jackson was originally scheduled to be the musical guest on this episode, but dropped out due to contracting the flu. Also, this episode completes a sequence of four consecutive live episodes, which has not been done since the 1975-1976 season.
Titles Cast Host Musical Guest Special Guest Cameos Characters Impressions Full Summary Statistics
Cold OpeningSpitzer & Associates 
GameshowWhat's Your Situation? 
SketchSix Year Old 
ShowThe Suze Orman Show 
FilmSNL Digital Short
Andy's Dad
Musical Performance"Touch My Body" 
Weekend Update  
ShowNBC Special Report 
CommercialClancy T. Bachleratt and Jackie Snad Sing Songs about Spaceships, Toddlers, Model T. Cars & Jars of Beer 
Musical Performance"Migrate" 
SketchFace to Face