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October 13, 2007
Host:Jon Bon Jovi
Musical Guest:Foo Fighters
Cameos:Bon Jovi
Jack Nicholson
Episode Number:33.3  (# 627)
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Cold OpeningAmy Poehler's House 
Musical Performance"Lost Highway" 
MiscellaneousA Visit with Former Vice President Al Gore 
FilmSNL Digital Short
People Getting Punched Just Before Eating
CommercialPostseason 07 
ShowLa Rivista Della Televisione 
Weekend Update  
Musical Performance"The Pretender" 
SketchWhere's My Purse? 
CommercialPostseason 07 
MiscellaneousNotre Dame Football on NBC 
SketchWhat To Call The Band 
Musical Performance"Who Says You Can't Go Home"